древесный уголь
Натуральный древесный уголь
без примесей.
Для безупречного аромата.
The wholesale natural birch charcoal
Top grade
We supply charcoal by wholesale. The minimum order lot is one trailer.
This is about 31 to 33 Euro pallets sizes 800 mm * 1,200 mm.
Packing options:
Packing options:
We supply goods in bulk and pack them as you like:
We supply goods in bulk
and pack them as you like:
Big Bag
Convenient for further packaging and industrial use in metallurgy, chemical production, agricultural farms.

Volume from 1 to 2 cubic meters m
Weight from 100 to 220 kg
Polypropylene bags
Convenient for further repackaging at the customer's production and industrial use in metallurgy and chemical production.

Weight from 10 to 15 kg
Multilayer paper bags
Convenient for HORECA supplies
(restaurants, cafes, barbecues) and for retail sales.

Weight from 10 to 15 kg
Packing in your own bags with your own brand (STM)
Convenient for customers who want to sell our products under their own brand.

Weight from 1 to 10 kg
Our other products:
Our other
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